The Island: Castaway

Survive on the island in The Islad: Castaway game!

The Island: Castaway game is Out! October 1, 2010

The Island: Castaway

Are you able to survive and get back home? Plunge into the world of adventures as you play an extremely addictive simulation game The Island: Castaway.

The Island: Castaway
Size: 154.6 Mb
The Island: Castaway
Full Unlimited version ($9.95)

The Island: Castaway. Survival Game Review September 30, 2010

The Island: Castaway Survival Game ReviewSoft sand, breezy air, striking island with an abundant of plants. Sounds like a dream vacation … unless you’re stuck on an uncharted island no one knows about. The latest action adventure game from Awem studio, The Island: Castaway throws you in the middle of an unknown and mysterious island.

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The Island: Castaway Developer’s Diary. Part II September 20, 2010

The Island: Castaway Developer’s Diary

The release day of The Island: Castaway is round the corner. It remains only a few days till the mysterious shore welcomes its first castaways. The development process took us over a year and it was the most exciting and at the same time difficult project for us.
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The Island Castaway Game Preview September 10, 2010

The Island: Castaway Game
The Island: Castaway release is near at hand and we are very excited to give you a sneak peek at the game.

The Island: Castaway game opens as an ocean liner is shipwrecked somewhere in deep waters of the ocean. A group of survivors find themselves on an uncharted island. Little they know about the surprises and secrets the island hides. Soon after the castaways explore the new land they find ancient inscriptions on the sand… Something strange and mysterious starts to happen.

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The Island: Castaway Developer’s Diary. Part I August 4, 2010

The Island: Castaway Developer’s Diary
“Enough of gloomy days! What if our game will be set on a tropical island? Spiced with a moving story and remarkable characters, it could be amazing.“ This was like a call for action.

Before engaging in the development process, every game developer has to make important decisions: fix on game genre or even genres, choose the setting and so on. The idea to create The Island: Castaway originated over a year ago…

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The Island: Castaway game description July 27, 2010

The Island: Castaway

Play the role of Tom Allison and go deep into the island to find out what mysteries are hidden by this forgotten place.

To survive the perils of the island fraught with dangerous wild animals and natural hazards you’ll have to find food, collect fruit and grow vegetables. Learn to fish and chase after wild boars, catch snakes and find rare plants.

Explore enigmatic island, find clues and solve more than 150 diverse quests. Are you able to survive and get back home? Plunge into the world of adventures as you play an extremely addictive action-adventure game The Island: Castaway.

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The Island: Castaway Game Features

The Island: Castaway

  • Investigate huge enigmatic island
  • Cinematographic plot
  • 14 Unique and fascinating characters
  • More than 150 quests
  • A great number of wild animals
  • Discover the ancient inscriptions
  • Find new sources of food and learn to cook them
  • Help castaways survive on the island and get back home